​About Us

Maid Clean began as a division of Four Seasons Pest Solutions Inc., owned by Mr. and Mrs. Hess of Eubank, KY. Mr. and Mrs. Hess are dedicated to anything they do. They currently own four reputable companies and co-own one other company. With four children, their goal is a second generation to continue with the same customer satisfaction, continue to expand and hope to see it passed through the generations. Old-time service with modern convenience is their goal. 

Through the years,Four Seasons Pest Solutions, Inc. developed a trusted name in the pest control industry, striving to always meet the customers' needs. It was often that customers made comments about the lack of professional, insured cleaning services available in the area. As more of these comments were heard, Mr. and Mrs. Hess heard the need and stepped up to the plate. As a result, Maid Clean was formed and has grown well beyond their imaginations.

No sooner than Maid Clean was opened, with no formal advertising and only word-of-mouth to get it off the ground, Maid Clean quickly became the largest professional maid service in Pulaski County.  Many people commented that anything connected to the Four Seasons brand was something they knew they could trust. Word spread and soon Maid Clean had a staff of several employees. Of course, not everyone can be easy to please, but Maid Clean's reputation for professional cleaning is top-notch! Shortly after opening, Maid Clean was separated from Four Seasons and was formed as it's own entity. Ownership remained the same and so did the service. The only difference was that now, Maid Clean became Maid Clean KY, Inc. 

You can rest easy knowing our service is backed by a reputable company, and our 100% guarantee. Here at Maid Clean, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee proves it. If at any time you are not completely satisfied, we will return and re-clean at no additional charge.

We clean. You relax.​​